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We're so proud! 

=> For our Job Search Etiquette webinar to more than 65 job seekers, 100% of survey respondents said the webinar was very helpful or somewhat helpful.

=> "Mauri gave the best presentation ever heard by our organization"

We think you can't afford NOT to engage our services!  Here's what it's costing you if you don't use our services:

Weekly Pay Loss

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CI is a Certified Small - Local - Woman-owned enterprise (WBE).




Job Seeker Services

We have jobs for you:

Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Berkeley - Reporting to the CEO and Founder, the Vice President of Sales & Marketing will lead all sales and marketing activities.

Manager of Digital Marketing, Pleasanton - The Digital Marketing Manager will lead execution of B2C marketing initiatives to support a growth spurt to double existing sales.

Vice President of Marketing, Pleasanton – Reporting to CEO, member of executive team. Direct development of marketing strategy to support a growth spurt to double existing sales.

Q1 2014 was our best quarter yet, good for us and our clients with a very high success rate - Thank you all for your business, referrals, and support. More than 90% of our clients are referrals or repeats! 

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Upcoming "Watch Your Language" Workshops

Stay tuned! These workshops were so successful, we'll be doing them again soon. Keep your eyes on this page for dates/times. Write a Winning Resume and Ace the Interview

 Workbooks - Try our Write a Winning Resume and Ace the Interview workbooks. 


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Corporate Career Offerings

 Ask us about our Network Within to Advance Your Personal Brand. It has received rave reviews at major corporations in the SF Bay Area.

We are recruiting! 

Save time and money by letting us help you recruit for technical, HR, and finance professionals. Take a look at our Talent Acquisition Qualifications to see why we’re your best bet!

  Read TheLadders Recruitment Blogs by CI President Mauri Schwartz, 3 of which were among the site's 12 most popular posts for last year.

=> Recruiting - Do Unto Others: Don’t Drop the Ball

=> Pick up the Phone

=> Screening Resumes: 10 Tips to Speed up the Process

=> Avoid Last Minute Surprises: What’s Your Competition?

=> Closing an Offer: Salary Negotiations

=> Recruiting and Countering a Counter Offer

With so many people looking for jobs and submitting resumes for positions regardless of fit, the hiring process can be a nightmare.

We'll teach you how to recruit top performing employees without breaking the bank...or we'll do it all for you.


"Career Insiders helped us hire a terrific employee, making our decision-making process painless."


No manager wants to lay off employees. Whether you lay off a group or terminate just one employee, we will help you by getting them back to work as soon as possible.

"I recently hired Career Insiders to provide outplacement services. The results were outstanding!"

Management Coaching

We can help you improve performance in your current position in order to position yourself for a promotion.

"Mauri is fantastic as my management coach.  My branch was one of only 3 (out of 58) which improved profits over last year. We achieved an increase of more than 50% year over year!"

Learn more about our Career Services for Corporations and Nonprofit Organizations


Featured Speaker at Haas

"Build Your Professional Network to Energize Your Career"

Let us know if you would like to feature this or our other career workshops at your organization.


We Get Results!

See Mauri on TV!  Read her bio.

I just accepted the position and Mauri's support was key to my success

Mauri helped me get a job. She helped me focus and...

I landed a great job. I am not sure what Mauri's secret sauce is, but it works!

Fundamentals Plus package was just right…I parlayed that confidence into three simultaneous offers, got a great new position. Win - win - win!

Mauri’s techniques on the job search are innovative, and I received...two solid job offers...

Mauri is someone every job hunter should have on their side. She knows how to coach...

As part of our career ownership program "Taking Charge of Your Career in the 21st Century," we brought in Career Insiders to deliver two workshops,

I landed my new job because of Mauri!

We hired Career Insiders to help us hire the right person... She’s the best!

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