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Mauri is a terrific resource for me. I originally engaged her services in advance of negotiating the exit for my previous company, knowing that as CEO, I would need an updated and polished public profile. Mauri’s genuine excitement about my career achievements came through in her work.

Using the new branding materials she created for me, I embarked on new and intriguing ventures, which Mauri has incorporated into my public profile. She is a consummate professional and her personality makes the collaboration fun. 

~John Trobough, White House Presidential Innovation Fellow, former President/CEO Narus Inc.


Career Insiders Personal Branding for Executives

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Executive Branding zeroes in on your leadership qualities that drive high-performing teams to deliver on goals. It conveys a clear message that differentiates your unique promise of value from others and resonates with your target audience.


As a CEO myself, I know that executive level professionals need and want personal attention and that's where we shine. Time is a precious resource for you and we respect that. You don't have the time to be coached through writing your resume, so we do it all for you.

Our clients include CEOs, CXOs, and E/S/VPs across all functions who highly value our results, so much so, they engage our services for their senior team members.

Your resume is not the only form of your Corporate Image and so we will write a professional Bio for any number of uses, and most important, we will set up your LinkedIn account, create a Profile worthy of your outstanding achievements, and show you how to optimize the use of this valuable resource to your professional advantage.

Having a dynamic personal brand is good for your company's image. You may or may not be looking for a new opportunity, but your LinkedIn profile should always reflect the value only you can provide. Bios are used for board memberships, speaking engagements, publications, and more.

You are an individual, and as our executive client, you will receive the personalized attention necessary to ensure that we translate your accomplishments into the image that will make you proud.

Our Personal Branding for Executives Program has been developed just for your needs and includes the following:

  • Resume
  • Corporate Bio
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Ongoing CoachingStrategic and Tactical – Customized to meet your individual circumstances

Please contact me personally at (415) 391-1794 or Mauri@CareerInsiders.com to discuss your specific needs. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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