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This page provides a repository of news and updates about Career Insiders and a one-stop center for information about our company.  Find out what's being published about our work helping job seekers beat the competition. Take a look at Career Insiders' Newsletter. For further information, please contact us at info@careerinsiders.com.

 KRON 4 TV Interview - Earlier this year, President / CEO Mauri Schwartz was interviewed live by KRON 4 TV. Click on the image to see and hear Mauri talk about Career Insiders' service offerings.


Career Insiders President / CEO Mauri Schwartz has published numerous posts on LinkedIn Pulse including

4 Reasons Tech Recruiting is in Trouble

Don't Ask for an Informational Interview

Do Unto Others: Don't Drop the Ball

Get Your Groove on to Ace that Interview!


  Career Insiders President / CEO Mauri Schwartz has been invited to be a regular contributor to TheLadders RecruitBlog

Pick up the Phone

Screening Resumes: 10 Tips to Speed up the Process

Avoid Last Minute Surprises: What’s Your Competition?

Closing an Offer: Salary Negotiations

Opportunity Knocks - Read regularly published articles providing career insights by Career Insiders President / CEO Mauri Schwartz at Opportunity Knocks. Opportunity Knocks is a national online job site, HR resource and career development destination focused exclusively on the nonprofit community. Conduct an Organized Job Search, Pick up the Phone Screening Resumes: 10 Tips to Speed up the Process, From CEO to ED, Don't Forget to Say Thank You, Ace the Interview, What is Your Biggest Weakness?, Creating a Job Search Strategy, LinkedIn as a Job Search Tool, Network During the Holidays


Career Insiders President / CEO Mauri Schwartz was selected as the Women MBA Connect Featured Member for July 2012.  Read her complete bio.

l Association of Fundraising Professionals - Advanced and continuing education is very highly regarded in the nonprofit fundraising community. But should you get an MPA...MBA...CFRE or Other degree?

Career Insiders President / CEO Mauri Schwartz has also contributed to Examiner.com. Topics include It's Not About What YOU Want, What's That Smell, It's Not Over till...the Post-Interview Thank You Letter, Hire a Career Coach to Help You Beat the Competition, and others.  Check out all her articles

Real Simple Magazine - President / CEO Mauri Schwartz was interviewed in regards to using Facebook as a job search tool.

Click on the image to read what she had to say in the June 2010 issue or read Mauri's entire interview.

Letter to the Editor, New York Times by President/CEO Mauri Schwartz, published September 14, 2009 - Tales from the Ranks of theJobless

Get a Job! by President/CEO Mauri Schwartz, a career column in The Potrero View, monthly publication covering one of San Francisco's best neighborhoods. To submit questions, email Mauri.

How to Write a Winning Resume...the Basics - What are the most important things to consider when writing a resume?...Read this article

Using Facebook as a Job Search Tool - Social media has quickly become the way many of us connect with our friends.  There are potential benefits from using it in your job search, but please BEWARE!...Read this article

Network During the Holidays - This article was first published here on our web site and then republished in various media including the Career Newsletter for University of California's Haas School of Business.  It was widely read and praised for its insight and wise advice...Read this article

Press Kit - This area of our website is designed to provide the news media with the most efficient access to information about Career Insiders. We understand your need to get to the facts quickly and to know that those facts are accurate. We hope that you find this useful. For more information, email your inquiries to info@careerinsiders.com.

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