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Using Facebook as a Job Search Tool


There are certain things you need to keep in mind when it comes to using Facebook as a job search tool. Many people fail to understand the concept of leaving footprints on the web. What you do and what you say online is easy to track.  Many people are too comfortable on social platforms, and say things that shouldn’t be said in public and/or upload images that are too personal or provocative.  These behaviors can harm your reputation and ruin your chance of getting a job.  In some professions outrageous behavior may be considered attractive, but not in most, and especially not in more conservative industries and professions.

You can control what people can see on your Facebook profile.  However, you can’t control everything your friends write on your wall.   You can prevent people from writing on your wall altogether, and you can prevent people from reading what’s on your wall.  However, if you become too restrictive you end up defeating the purpose of using Facebook to communicate with your friends.  Even if you go back and clean up your profile, some old pages may still be lurking on the internet. 

People often put personal information on Facebook that opens the door to identity theft.  From information such as birthday greetings sent and received, school and work gossip, photographs of family vacations, and movies watched, someone can create a picture of a person’s identity, down to their Social Security number.  And they can determine when you’ll be away from home.

Mauri Schwartz is President / CEO of Career Insiders

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